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Every since the silent films of the 1920's the world has had a love affair with Hollywood cowboys along with the collectibles and memorabilia they left us. Not only could these heroes be found at the local theater; their likenesses could also be found on western clothing, comic books, toys, furniture and cereal boxes across America. Then with the advent of television in the 1950's, the popularity of Hollywood cowboy heroes soared even higher, along with their associated merchandise. By the time of the "big four" - Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry and the Lone Ranger - future Hollywood cowboy collectibles where everywhere. Every child could wear, eat, play with, read or decorate his room with memorabilia featuring their favorite cowboy or cowgirl.

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This site is dedicated to those Hollywood cowboys and the vast array of collectibles they left us. Here you will be able to find tributes to popular Hollywood cowboy heroes, catalogs and price guides, instructions on how to find the value of your collectible, and up to date auction listings featuring popular Hollywood cowboy collectibles.

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Roy Rogers The King of the Cowboys
Leonard Slye aka Roy Rogers
(1911 - 1998)

To: A Tribute to Roy Rogers
To: Roy Rogers Collectibles

Hopalong Cassidy collectibles The Hero in Black
William Boyd aka Hopalong Cassidy
(1895 - 1972)

To: A Tribute to Hopalong Cassidy
To:Hopalong Cassidy Collectibles

Gene Autry Photo The Singing Cowboy
Ovron Gene Autry
(1907 - 1998)

To: A Tribute to Gene Autry
To:Gene Autry Collectibles

Lone Ranger Photo The Masked Lawman
Clayton Moore aka The Lone Ranger
(1914 - 1999)

To: A Tribute to Clayton Moore
Lone Ranger Collectibles

John Wayne PhotoMister Cowboy
John 'Duke' Wayne
(1907 - 1998)

To: A Tribute to John Wayne
To: John Wayne Collectibles